Dear Fellow Trader,

My name is Elizabeth Cullen. Many traders know me from many
popular Forex Signals sites where I started off as a member but
I ended up teaching and sharing with other members, my trading
strategies and what I have done to become consistently successful.

I started off like many traders out there with this dream of
quitting my job,
Trading full time and never having to
worry about where my income was coming from.

I subscribed to signal services and bought EA’s promising me
HUGE returns… But I was always left feeling like I was
further behind then when I started.

I had no idea how the signals were being generated and yes there were profitable days but in the end there were more losers than winners and I learned nothing about how to improve my trading. Instead I was relying on someone else to make my trading successful.

I sat down one day and I wrote down the benefits that these services provided me and the negatives that came along with them and this is what I noticed:

My EA that was supposed to make me profits was actually losing me money!

The signals services that were supposed to provide me with signals and trading strategies from Forex Experts only provided me with ambiguous analysis making it nearly impossible for me to catch winning trades.

Then I realized that I wasn’t alone. I remembered all of the chats that I had with other traders and that really got me to thinking!

What I saw on a daily basis was traders getting frustrated and really relying on others to ensure their very own success! That was just insane to me…

I would never rely on someone else to make me successful!

Now don't get me wrong. I don't believe in Get Rich Quick plans or schemes... but I do believe in Getting Rich Quicker... there is a difference and I think everyone should be focused on
achieving their financial goals this way.

You see, I believe that succeeding is much more enjoyable than failing... And I should know – I failed miserably as a trader, long before I ever became consistently successful.

And I continue to watch traders, many who work their butts off for hours, only to make just a few pips, or even lose the lot. It's sad, but true…

I finally was fed up and I no longer wanted to rely on others to make me successful!

I immediately canceled my membership to the signal sites that I belonged too and stopped using my EA’s.


I believe that making the optimal amount of money, in the most consistent manner, with the least amount of 'pain' is the ultimate goal of every good, professional trader that 'makes their living', or at least part of their annual income, from trading.

But I also realized long ago, through my own personal trading journey, that we as traders didn't have the tools and resources to make it happen.

I'm sure you know what I mean... Here are what aspiring traders like you and I have had to contend with in their journey to becoming a successful trader...

Strategies that were too complicated or hard to execute for best entry

Ambiguous analysis making winning trades as hard as catching smoke
Systems that only work when even any fool can make money

Signals that were generated from a bot (or EA) that stops working
because market conditions had changed and the system had not beenProgrammed for 'unforeseen' circumstances.

In actual fact, I found that most traders spent more time "preparing to trade" then actually trading... and the sad thing is that many of these "traders" consistently made the wrong trading decision time and time again...

In fact, they were so predictably wrong,

Very funny.. but sad... I mean, seriously, you could bet against some of these guys and make a fortune doing the exact opposite trade they executed over 90% of the time...

But that's not how you build wealth.

I decided that I need to breakdown trading to the fundamentals and really discover my strengths and weaknesses.

But I needed to know where to start… Where was I going wrong??

Again I pulled out the pen and paper and wrote down what I felt that I needed to really improve my trading. I wasted too much time analyzing charts all day long to figure out if my strategy was effective or not and where it was effective.  

I needed a way to look at my trading in depth without having to look at charts for hours and hours on end just to give up because of the vast amount of information was too much for my brain to handle.

I realized that I didn’t want to have to spend hours in front of the computer and I needed a way to simplify a few things on my MT4 to make things more convenient so that I could focus on my trading.

For example I wanted to build a trendline and when price crossed my line I wanted a set action to automatically happen whether it is open sell, open buy etc.

I needed a quick way to analyze all of my trading history quickly and efficiently so that I could learn from past trades. Going through the history of all of my charts takes me forever and it is very difficult for me to analyze all of the information.

I realized oh no. I need to have the news on 24/7. The thought of that brought back memories of my dad who had Bloomberg on our television 24/7. The thought actually made me cringe. But I knew that the news is what makes the market move and that I had to stay on top of it to ensure that I was profitable.

Then I really got to thinking… There are times when the markets are really moving and that I needed to stay on top of these times as well to be profitable. 

All of these things started swirling in my head and I will be honest.. I was feeling very overwhelmed!

If I had to spend all this time analyzing charts, watching the news and also having to know the exact times when the markets are really moving when was I going to have time to actually trade or even sleep?

After taking a hot shower to calm my anxiety down I decided there had to be a way to simplify these things and also help me become consistently profitable not just earning a few pips here and there.

He agreed with everything I said and then the magic words came out of his mouth….”I wish that there was software that could do all of the things that we just talked about. It would make our lives so much easier”

That is when it clicked in my head and that giant light bulb that you see in cartoons went off in my head! I yelled into the phone “Jeremy you are a genius!”

I decided then that I was going to make it my mission to have everything that I wanted to simplify my trading so that I could really learn to trade and be profitable at it!

I know you have probably figured out by now there is no way I was creating software all on my own as I am definitely not a programmer!

I spent over a year really breaking everything down and working with a genius programmer.

That is why the signals services and EA’s never worked for me. None of those could really analyze everything that was needed to be successful.

They were only pieces to the puzzle.

So we came up with the ultimate variety of tools that really took into account everything that I needed to be a successful trader.

I finally created what I was looking for in all of the wrong places.

I decided to call my tools Forex Power Tools. Because like your tool box at home that has everything you need for the around the house improvements…

My Forex Power Tools had everything that I needed to improve my trading and I was excited. 

I began using all the tools that I built and started to see real changes in my trading! Suddenly instead of relying on others I was relying on myself and it was paying off.

Each of the tools that I created to improve and simplify my trading worked incredibly well together.

I went from struggling and getting easily frustrated to...

I was now becoming consistently profitable and I know that it was because of the combination of tools that I created!

I then remembered all of the struggling traders out there that I have come across and I realized that if I could improve my trading that I needed to share with them what I created.

I needed to make sure that they had an opportunity to really improve their trading and to STOP relying on others to make them successful.

I started sharing my tools with a handful of traders that I’ve met along the years and their trading started to improve as well. I then knew then that I was really on to something!

I asked them to share Forex Power Tools with their trader friends as well.

I had to see if traders had the opportunity to use these tools and really took the power of trading into their own hands that if they too would see significant results in their trading.

Every trader that I let in on my secret began raving about how the tools that I created helped them improve their trading significantly. I then realized I was accomplishing two things.

  1. I was now a consistently successful trader
  2. Other traders were now consistently successful using my tools!

This made me ecstatic!!!

I knew that I had created what so many traders really needed and what they were missing; the complete package of tools necessary to truly become successful and no longer rely on false promises of some magic EA to make them rich or having to decipher ambiguous strategies!

That's why I decided I had to offer my solution to all traders… Every trader had to see for   themselves that they could truly be consistently successful and that they just needed the right tools for the job.

If you continue to scroll down throughout this page you will see that traders like you and I are really ecstatic that they are profiting by using Forex Power Tools.

Please take the time to read and watch the videos that they sent in. They speak volumes about the Power of Forex Power Tools.

I welcome you to try the Forex Power Tools and see for yourself that it is nothing like anything you have tried before!

You NO longer need to be trapped in the new EA of the week cycle!

You can take charge of your trading now and know that there is finally a complete Forex Tool Kit out there that is designed with you in mind and everything that you need to truly become consistently successful!

Forex Power Tools offer you the variety of indicators & the power you need to become a successful trader!

They will become your very own Forex Power Tool Kit!

-7 Comprehensive Forex Power Tools
-Full Training on the Forex Power Tools
-Access to the Forex Power Tools Member’s Site
-Access to a Dedicated Support Team
-Access To A Members Only Live Trader Chat
-Access To A Members Only Trader Forum

The detailed documentation with step-by-step instructions and our free email support provide all the information you need to get off to the best possible start.

Forex Power Tools gives you the power you need to become a successful trader!

Forex Power Tools will work for you on:

Any Market Condition Any Time Frame Any Trading Session Any Type of Trader

No matter whether you are a complete novice or experienced in currency day trading, this easy to use Forex Power Tool Kit will enhance your trading performance!

Case Study #1 - Allen Hughes

Allen started using Forex Power Tools three months ago.

During this time Forex Power Tools helped him analyze his entries at a glance and he found that the most profit his system made was on Gold! Previously he traded different trading pairs, but now when he has focused his system on just Gold he has gotten great results by testing aggressively on his demo account.

WATCH THE VIDEO as he logs into his account which he made 805% in less than one month!

Without Forex Power Tools, Allen would have kept using his same strategy and trying it on various currency pairs with earning little to no profit. Forex Power Tools showed him where his own strategy was effective and profitable!

Case Study #2 - James Elliot

James Elliot also used Forex Power Tools to help optimize his EA!

James used the P-Timer and P-chart to clearly determine the best time for his EA to work and now it trades only at certain times on certain pairs!

James also added a tracking function to his EA. Now his Advisor receives live data from the P-Stats indicator, and this greatly improved the Money Management component in his EA’s algorithm. The P-Stats Indicator really helps to use the deposit as efficiently as possible.

And finally, the P-News indicator was very useful to James as well. Now his EA does not open a transaction in the period before and after the release of important economic news. The economic news is delivered live to his EA thanks to the P-News Indicator!

When it comes to trading LIVE... I Have The Right Tool For Every Situation!

Every active trader seeks to ultimately simplify trading, and to automate a lot of things if possible.

For such traders, I created a very comfortable and functional product, which allows making transactions with “one click” and trade with the help of graphic objects.

The purpose of this advisor is to help traders to get rid of routine operations in the terminal, and to make trading as simple and convenient as possible.

My P-Trader tool will simplify your trading and take your trading to the next level!

The foreign exchange market is a very dynamic environment, so there are some efficiency indicators of trading, which must be continuously monitored.

These figures are calculated based on the results of completed trades.

Some of these indicators you can get by regular means of the MT4 terminal itself, but they will not fully reflect all aspects of safe and profitable trades.

Therefore I have collected in a single indicator all the necessary factors that allow carrying out the most in-depth analysis of efficiency and security of your trading that is my P-Book tool.

Successful trading is also dependent on a good entry into the market and profitable exits. Visualization of entries and exits on the chart is a very powerful method for analyzing the history of trading.

The best way to visualize - is an automatic application of colored arrows on a graph that shows the time of opening and closing positions.

I have created a special power tool called P-Chart which helps to present the history of your transactions on the chart.

It's not enough to only know technical analysis when you trade. It's just as important to know what makes the market move.

Just like in the great Star Wars world, behind the trend lines, double tops, and head and shoulder patterns, there is a fundamental force behind these movements. This force is called the news!

In the stock market, when you hear news before everyone else it is illegal. In the Forex market, it's called FAIR GAME!

The news is important to the Forex market because it's the news that makes it move. Regardless of the technicalities, news is the fuel that keeps the market going!

The P-News indicator will stay on top of the news for you!

When choosing a Forex broker, one of the factors a trader looks for is low spreads.

Most brokers today promise the lowest spreads. Some claim to have 2 pips on major currency pairs; others swear to have spreads as low as 0.5.

The truth, however, may give away a slightly different picture. In order to be a successful trader, you need an effective trading plan.

Your plan should include a hunt for low spreads in order to maximize your profits.

The Forex Power Tools P-Spread indicator will assist you in finding the lowest spreads!

The success of the trade is largely determined by the trading conditions and a properly chosen portfolio of currency pairs.

Before you start trading you need to check the key trading conditions for each currency pair (such as the spread, Margin, swaps, the cost of tick), it helps you to optimally choose the lot size and make adjustments to your trading strategy.

Once you have formed your portfolio of trading tools, you need to continuously monitor the profitability of its currency pairs.

Such monitoring allows you to minimize drawdowns on open positions and close with greater profits with successfully opened positions.

The P-Stats indicator effectively performs all the functions above, and its ergonomics and intuitive interface make this indicator an indispensable assistant to every trader.

The P-Timer indicator assists during the best hours for trading the Forex markets.

No matter what your method of trading is, the best hours of trading are during the London and US session overlap.

The markets are full of active participants during these hours and the currencies really move. For the most part, even the larger fundamental news comes out during these times.

Trading during these hours is your best chance to get in while the market is making decisive moves and it will be your best chance to score quick profits.

Traders like you are raving about Forex Power Tools!!

WATCH THESE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS; Seven Traders Give You Their Feedback On F.P.T!

On top of all the Power Tools that are in my power tool kit I am also a huge believer in learning from other traders and using other’s knowledge as a tool to aid in your trading.

We have a fully Comprehensive Training Video series, a complete pdf user-guide set, a walkthrough welcome video to get you up and running from the get-go plus much more!

Forex Power Tools gives you access to a member’s site with a community of traders where you can chat about the markets and share strategies live with one another in a live trader chat room, as well as share charts and trading strategies and a community trading forum.

I truly believe in the Power of the Forex Power Tools and the power of the trading community that comes with them.

Do you want to simplify your trading and have your trading accounts grow at the same time??

Now is the time for you to get your own Forex Power Tool Kit and take their powers into your own hands!

The value that you are getting in this investment is phenomenal!

  • STOP struggling to master the tricky Forex trading system.
  • STOP searching for a way to earn automated Forex profits.
  • STOP envying those who seem to cash in on Forex with ease.
  • STOP wasting your vital investment money on garbage that doesn't give you RETURNS.

No matter whether you are a complete novice or experienced in currency day trading, this easy to use Forex Power Tool Kit will enhance your trading performance!

I do request that you give these tools a sincere chance to show you what they can do. Like I said in the beginning I do not believe in get rich quick schemes.

If you're the kind of person that is so broke that you're going to purchase this product, set it on shelf or leave it on your computer for the next month and then ask for a refund please do NOT purchase. The Forex Power Tools is NOT for you.

Alternatively, if you are the kind of person who takes action, strives to be proftiable from the Forex market, puts in an honest effort, and will stay consistent, then, Forex Power Tools will work for you and you should join right now.

I’m sure you’ll be able to take your trading to new levels in no time.

I feel this is as fair as I could be!

I wouldn’t have spent the time and effort creating Forex Power Tools and writing this letter to you if I didn’t think it would genuinely make you a successful trader!

Right now, you have two choices:

You can either continue struggling trading and making the same mistakes over and over again

Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in Forex Power Tools. And start trading with confidence and with an entire Forex Power Tool Kit designed to MAKE you a successful trader. The choice is yours.

Do you want to simplify your trading and have your trading accounts grow at the same time??

Now is the time for you to get your own Forex Power Tool Kit and take
their powers into your own hands!

The value that you are getting in this investment is phenomenal!

I am excited to offer you my Forex Power Tool kit and access to the member’s area for life for a one- time payment of $497 or three monthly payments of $219.00!

Forex Power Tools has not 1 indicator but 7 indicators that will ensure that you will never have to purchase another indicator again.

Plus we are giving you a network of traders that you can interact with and learn from along with a dedicated 24/7 support team!

Forex Power Tools is TRULY VALUABLE and you CAN’T pass this up!

"Your Billing Statement Will Show A Charge of $219 From, You Will Then Be Charged $219 x2 More Times Every 4 weeks" or "Your Billing Statement Will Show A One-Time Charge of $497 From"

How do I get hold of you if I need to contact you?

Just send us an email and we’ll be sure to reply within a few hours.  You can email me at or enter a support ticket from the member’s area of Forex Power Tools.

Should I start with a demo or a live account?

I suggest you start with a demo to make sure everything functions properly, and then switch to a live account using the same equipment. Demo accounts are free and can be opened nearly instantly with any broker.

How will I get Forex Power Tools after the purchase?

You will be emailed with access to the Members Area where you will be able to easily download the tools anytime. The Members Area also contains a number of useful functions and a community of traders to share trading strategies with through live chat and a forum.

Will customer support for the product be provided?

All Forex Power Tools’ customers will be receiving regular customer support for an infinite period of time. Our skilled and experienced customer service staff is available to you 24/7 via email, phone, skype and members area.

How much time does installation of all 7 tools take?

Forex Power Tools offers one click installation. You literally just have to open the file and follow the instructions as they pop up on your screen. Installation takes less than 5 minutes.

This is my first time trading in Forex are you sure Forex Power Tools is for me?

Yes, Forex Power Tools is the perfect option for any level of trading. Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced trader. Forex Power Tools is designed to simplify trading so even if you are a newbie it is making it easier on you!

Is Forex Power Tools able to run completely on autopilot?

You can optimize your current EA’s with Forex Power Tools and then let them run on autopilot!

Is it possible to use any broker with Forex Power Tools?

Presuming that the broker uses a Metatrader system then you’re golden. Don’t worry this is the 21st century so anyone who is everyone in the broker world will use it.

Can I remove my product from my current account and use on my new accout?

For this, you have to detach Forex Power Tools from one account and delete the chart as well and attach Forex Power Tools on another account. We recommend to do this when there are no open transactions.

How do I get an Additional License? Do I get a Discount?

Yes All Forex Power Tools members get a discount on additional licenses. Please email in for details after you become a Forex Power Tools member to find out more information.

What time frame do I leave on the chart?

Any time frame that you prefer to use.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like Forex Power Tools?

Yes. I offer a 60-day unconditional full-refund guarantee enforced by our third-party reputable payment processor ClickBank. If you are not satisfied with Forex Power Tools, you will be able to get your cash back in full instantly at any point of time within 60 days of your purchase.

How much does the product cost?

Forex Power Tools comes at as little as a one-time payment. It is not a cost you incur but a profitable investment in your financial independence. You can expect this amount to be made back within weeks of using Forex Power Tools if not faster.

What do I get when joining Forex Power Tools?

You get 7 Powerful Forex Indicators all designed and proven to simplify your trading while increasing your trading profits. A comprehensive members area with training on all of the indicators along with a live trader chat and trading forum to share your trading strategies with other likeminded traders. You also get access to our experienced 24/7customer support ready to assist you in a prompt and professional manner anytime at your first request.

What is Foreign Exchange?

The Foreign Exchange market, also referred to as the "Forex" market, is the most traded financial market in the world, with a daily average turnover of approximately US$3.2 trillion. Foreign Exchange is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. The world's currencies are on a floating exchange rate and are always traded in pairs, for example Euro/Dollar or Dollar/Yen.

What kind of trading strategy should I use?

Currency traders make decisions using both technical factors and economic fundamentals. Technical traders use charts, trend lines, support and resistance levels, and numerous patterns and mathematical analyses to identify trading opportunities, whereas fundamentalists predict price movements by interpreting a wide variety of economic information, including news, government-issued indicators and reports, and even rumor. The most dramatic price movements however, occur when unexpected events happen. The event can range from a Central Bank raising domestic interest rates to the outcome of a political election or even an act of war. Nonetheless, more often it is the expectation of an event that drives the market rather than the event itself. Forex Power Tools help traders realize where their trading strategies are most effective.

I guarantee that by clicking on the add to cart button above you are one step closer to becoming that successful trader that you are striving to be!


PS. I look forward to meeting you in the member’s chat room and discussing the markets personally with you!

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